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    Water Quality and Monitoring Needs of Lake Tanganyika

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         Based on the MOU signed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China(MOST) and United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP)to build the capacity of African countries in the fields of disaster reduction,adaptation to climate change,renewable energy and natural resources management,the project “Enhance the capacity of monitoring shared water resources of Lake Tanganyika”(ECMWLT) has been developed and is being implemented in partnership between the Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology,Chinese Academy of Sciences(NIGLAS),Regional Office for Africa/UNEP,Lake Tanganyika Authority(LTA) and national teams from the 4 participating countries.Implementation of the project will benefit the four riparian countries produce an effective and sustainable system for monitoring and managing water quality of Lake Tanganyika into the foreseeable future.As one of the outputs of ECMWLT project the Brief Report of Water Quality and Monitoring Needs of Lake Tanganyika is published aiming to sharing information of long term monitoring of Lake Tanganyika and exploring appropriate strategies for a cross bountary monitoring of the lake.
         The project is composed of four chapters and one accessory.Among them chapter 1 is maily contributed by Dr. Nshombo Muderhwa,chapter 3 is mainly contributed by Dr. Hudsin H Nkotagu,and chapter 4 and the accessory are written bu Dr. Hudsin H Nkotagu based on the group discussion.Dr. Sophia Chen Shuang is responsible for generating the report outline,organizing discussion,revising and editing the whole report.
         Chapter 1 is mainly about the background of Lake Tanganyika,chapter 2 analyze the water quality status and challenges of Lake Tanganyika,chapter 3 study the monitoring needs of Lake Tanganyika,and chapter 4 give a tentative plan for monitoring the water of Lake Tanganyika.
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    pre:Demonstration Research on Comprehensive Water Quality Monitoring in the Lake Tanganyika Basin


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