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    Yang GS
    2015-2-7 11:06:44   From:Tanganyika Lake Click:2522

          Dr. Yang Guishan, a research fellow born in Xinghua, Jiangsu in August 1965, works as the vice President of the Nanjing branch of Chinese academy of sciences now.He was graduated from the Dept.of Geography,Nanjing University (now the School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences) in 1987, obtaining the Bachelor’s Degree of Science; and, in the same year, he began to work for Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology,the Chinese Academy of Sciences,respectively receiving the Master’s Degree of Science in 1993 and the Doctor’s Degree of Science in 1997. He has been mainly engaged in the research on use of regional resources, ecological protection, coastal environmental change and regional response,and integrated watershed management,etc. At present, he is director of Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a research fellow and a doctoral tutor. He is also an adjunct professor in Nanjing University, standing director of China Geographical Society, director of the Branch of the Yangtze River Society, standing director of the China Institute of Natural Resources and deputy director of the Special Committee of Sustainable Resources and Disaster Mitigation.He is also a member of the Committee of Taihu Lake Water Pollution Prevention, Jiangsu Province, and a member of the Advisory Committee of Economic and Social Development of Shanghai Municipality, that of Nanjing Municipality, and that of Wuxi Municipality,etc. At the same time, he also serves as an editorial member of Geographical Science, Journal of Lake Sciences, and Resources and Environment in the Yangtze Basin and other scholarly journals.


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