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    Chen YW
    2015-2-7 11:09:35   From:Tanganyika Lake Click:2882

         Dr. Chen Yuwei is a professor at the Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sceinces.He received his bachelor degree in botany at Nanjing university in 1991, received his master degree in physical geography at nanjing institute of geography and limnology, Chinese academy of sciences in 2000,received his doctor degree in ecology at the university of Vienna, Austria in 2005.His research involves ecosystem structure and function of lake plankton, survey and assessment of water body eutrophication,inland water body plankton carbon cycle, ecological distribution and ecological mechanism of alga,outbreak mechanism of cyanobacteria blooms.He has published over 30 papers and 1 monograph in the field.


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